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Reservation will be made on the basis of order (by phone, letter, fax or e-mail). It should include the exact date, number of people (adults + children), kind of board (full or half board), and client’s special wish if any.

On the basis of the reservation, the client should pay an advance in 2- week time (by money order or a bank transfer to an account) at an amount of CZK 1,000 per person (including children). The balance will be paid at the hotel on the day of arrival according o the real number of people. The money order or a bank statement must be submitted at the reception desk as a proof of the payment!!

The price of the stay includes prices for accommodation and board. Services such as sauna, massages (and other) as well as parking and tourist fees are not included in the price of the stay and therefore, they are paid individually by clients in addition to those named before.

If the client fails to appear for the stay for any reason or cancels it, the advance will be forfeited. However, accommodation at another date may be requested.

Clients are obliged to keep the arrival and departure time. Provided that the clients plan to arrive at another time than fixed, we should be notified thereof in advance. In case of departure ahead of the fixed date, the client has no right to demand compensation for the unused services.

In the interest of your safety, please, abide by the following recommendations in the forest area:

  • Safe speed 40 – 50 km/h on a dry road;
  • Do not exceed the speed of 20-30 km/h on snow, ice, and wet road;
  • Watch out for the deer at night;
  • If you have to stop, lay by the vehicle at the curb and put on warning lights if necessary;
  • Do not forget to take snow chains in winter.

Tel.: 00420/558 684 693 - recepce, Tel.: 00420/558 637 436 - kanceláø
Tel.: 00420/558 637 437 - automat, Fax: 00420/558 637 435
e-mail: nebo